YMCA Ballarat

YMCA Ballarat is a community based organisation which believes in the power of inspired young people. The organisation delivers a range of programs and services to build healthier, happier and connected communities.

7 Lyons Street North, Ballarat VIC 3350

03 5329 2800



Ballarat YMCA

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

  • Youth Centres

    Wendouree Youth Centre, 35 Violet Grove, Wendouree, Vic 3355

    Ballarat South Youth Centre, Delacombe Community Hub, 16 Nandiriog Drive, Delacombe, Vic 3356

    YMCA Youth Centres provide safe and structured environments for young people to have fun with their friends, participate in various activities and learn new skills.

    The Practical Skills Programs (PSP) is offered at both sites. This program has scheduled and rotating activities that provide opportunities to gain essential life skills and participate in sports, trades, community programs and events.

    Wendouree Youth Centre Programs:
    Ages: 8 to 17 years.
    Days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 3.30pm and 6pm (school terms).
    Junior Group (8-11 years)
    Intermediate Group (11-14 years)
    Senior Group (14-17 years)

    Ballarat South Youth Centre Programs:

    Ages: 11 to 17 years.
    Days: Fridays between 3.30pm and 6pm (school terms).

    For more information about the YMCA Youth Centres, contact YMCA Ballarat on 0458 374 910 or email Ballarat.Youthservices@ymca.org.au.

    Or alternatively drop in and meet the YMCA team in person during the school term, at the:

    Wendouree Youth Centre (WYC) 35 Violet Grove between 3:00pm-3:45pm on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (school terms).

    Ballarat South Youth Centre, Delacombe Community Hub, 16 Nandiriog Drive, Delacombe between 3:00pm-3:45pm on Fridays (school terms).

  • ReCranked Bike Recycling

    Bike recycling program which through the assistance of volunteers, refurbishes donated bikes. These are distributed to needy recipients and school bike programs. 

    Opportunities to volunteer and learn bike maintenance skills.

    Monday and Friday 2pm - 5pm, Wendouree Youth Centre, 35 Violet Grove, Wendouree

    Email: ballarat.volunteers@ymca.org.au

  • Volunteering

    Many various opportunities for volunteering and work placements within YMCA programs and services.

    For more information:

    Visit: www.ballarat.ymca.org.au

    Phone: (03) 5329 2800

    Email: ballarat.volunteers@ymca.org.au

  • YMCA Connect Camp

    Connect Camp is a school holiday camp for young people aged 8 to 16 who are considered vulnerable, disadvantaged or at risk. 

    On Camp, kids work with experienced and passionate YMCA volunteers, who provide intensive support to the campers through one-on-one mentoring. Along with other kids from around the state, they are encouraged to realise their potential and learn about community values and leadership.

    For more information about YMCA Connect Camp, please contact YMCA Ballarat on 4333 6400 or email ballarat.youthservices@ymca.org.au